ShiftNote Manager Daily Logbook

Shift-to-Shift Communication Streamlined

Ensure that all of your daily operations are kept up-to-date with your customizable manager log book. Streamline shift-to-shift communication with ShiftNote's daily log and stat tracker - easily customized to fit your business's needs. Create shift-notes, communicate important details, assign tasks to employees, and maintain a neat and orderly log. All log entries, documents, and other items are searchable, so you never have to worry about losing anything. Track and communicate what's important to your business, use communication to develop your business culture and uphold performance expectations.

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Centralized Communication Hub

ShiftNote's manager log book is an invaluable tool for keeping everything organized during shifts. Our mobile log book can be used to write and track shift notes, assign tasks, make to-dos, create follow-up tasks, and much more. There are plenty of communication features in our log book that can make your life and business much more efficient.

  • Create shift notes online
  • Create tasks and to-dos
  • Upload documents and pictures
  • Meeting topic tracking
  • Deposit drop & cash counts
  • Message employees on one platform
  • Daily shift logging for personal tracking
  • Multiple location dashboard
  • Events and important dates calendar
  • Broadcast messages and announcements
  • Weather feed and historical information
  • KPI and stat tracking
  • Daily reports and instant alerts
  • Petty cash log
  • Accountability read reporting