Stay on top of the Shift! 

Keep your managers in sync, every single shift.

  • Simplify shift-to-shift communications.
  • Hold your team members accountable.
  • Coach and train operational standards. 

Powered by ShiftForce, ShiftNote is the best logbook software for restaurants, hotels and bars. Desktop and mobile apps make it easy for all levels of management to stay on top of the shift.  ShiftNote's manager logbook keeps your team informed, engaged, and productive.


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Trusted by 85,000 daily users!

The worlds biggest and best brands use ShiftNote for their manager's logbook!

Centralized Communication Hub

ShiftNote's log book helps shifts run smoothly without anything falling through the cracks. Our mobile log book allows you to write and track shift notes, create tasks, to-dos, create follow-up tasks, and more. You'll find that our log book is jam-packed with communication tools to help make your life and business better.

  • Create shift notes online
  • Create tasks and to-dos
  • Upload documents and pictures
  • Meeting topic tracking
  • Deposit drop & cash counts
  • Daily shift logging for personal tracking
  • Multiple location dashboard
  • Events and important dates calendar
  • Broadcast messages and announcements
  • Weather feed and historical information
  • KPI and stat tracking
  • Daily reports and instant alerts
  • Petty cash log
  • Accountability read reporting
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+Scheduling Employees  

Whether you have 10 employees or thousands, building schedules is easier, faster, and more efficient with ShiftForce. Create schedules in minutes, share published schedules with your team, and forecast labor costs to work smarter, not harder. Let us show you how you can start reducing the time it takes to schedule, communicate, and manage your employees today.

  • Easily manage employee requests for swap, drops and pickup shifts. 
  • Block and limit Requests for Time Off (RTO).
  • Powerfully effective templates. 
  • Mobile and desktop apps. 


ShiftNote is now owned by ShiftForce 

ShiftForce is a workforce management software solution. It has the same great daily log ShiftNote offers with a powerful employee scheduling tool. ShiftNote's daily logbook is ShiftForce's marquee product.

        • MyShiftForce is presently under construction with an expected to launch early 2023 with an all new task management system and employee scheduler.