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ShiftNote is our OG product. It is an easy-to-use Manager's Logbook that has been evolving into ShiftForce Employee Scheduler for over 18 years.

To start a free trial with either product we request a 15-30 minute zoom call to setup your account. 


$30/per location, per month



Manager's Daily Log Book Only 

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$8/per manager, per month

$2/per employee, per month

Employee Scheduling + Manager's Daily Log Book

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Free Trial Work?

Book a setup session, spend 15-30 minutes on zoom with a Product Specialist who's sole purpose in life is to help you get the most out of your account. 


We do not ask for a credit card or any obligation to continue with your trial account.


Onboarding, support and training are all free.

What Happens After My Trial Ends?

If you want to continue with your account plan, we will ask you to pay with a credit card or ACH payment. 

What is the difference between ShiftNote and ShiftForce?

We started ShiftNote 18 years ago to replace all paper log books in the world. Over time we grew into ShiftForce a workforce management solution providing not only daily logbooks but also employee scheduling and task management. 


ShiftNote is our original product. It has a loyal fan base and we continue to make it better. ShiftNote provides a simple user interface combined with high tech solutions to deliver the gold standard in restaurant manager logbooks. 


ShiftForce is the new version of ShiftForce offering all the same daily log features as ShiftNote but much more. ShiftForce has employee scheduling tools and tasks / checklist management when ShiftNote does not. 


Where Can I Download the App?

Find the ShiftForce app from the app store on either your iOS or Android device.