Team Communication

The easiest way to keep your team connected.

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Centralize Your Team's Communication

Send messages to individuals, roles, positions, workgroups, locations, and more. Start conversations with people assigned to specific departments you need to talk to. Need to send an update to all of your staff? Send an announcement that will send them a notification right away. With ShiftForce, everyone is on the same page at all times.

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How to Improve Team Communication

It's All About Consistency

Team communication is at the foundation of a company's success. It helps foster a healthy and productive relationship between managers and other employees. When your team is effectively communicating, your company and its culture will thrive, and profits too!

  • Maintain two-way communication to improve customer relations, employee scheduling, company culture, and profits.
  • Know and understand your employee's communication styles.
  • Encourage communication across all levels of your organization.

Employee Communication at All Levels


Employee Chat Board

Keep employees engaged through shift-to-shift employee chats.


Manage Requests on the Go

Employees can update and submit requests from any device. Just like managers can approve it from anywhere.



Need to get a message to all of your staff? Different types of notifications can be sent out to all or specific employees.


Individual Messaging

Message individuals or have one on one chats and keep all work communication in one place to keep things professional.

Group Messaging

Message specific groups, positions, departments, and more. We know every company has unique messaging needs.

Read Receipts

See who has ACTUALLY read your messages. Increase accountability across all employee levels.

See how you can reduce labor costs, improve team communication, and streamline operations, today!

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Communication Made for Your Team

Improving your team communication is crucial to your team's success.

Help managers easily notate important operational and personnel-related notes every shift in an organized fashion.

Use a digital log book to store and reference data. No more messy piles of paper or binders full of new hire training information!

Measure and track important stats and data (like sales and labor) to inform future decisions with actual quantitative data.

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