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Keep your team on track and accountable.

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ShiftForce Tasks and Events

Keep Your Team on Track

Online task managers are great. Not just because they’re easy to use for one person, but because they’re easy for your ENTIRE team. Managers can create checklists, tasks, to-dos, communicate, and hold employees accountable all from one location. You’ll be able to maximize your team’s efficiency and drive better results throughout your organization.

With ShiftForce, you can stay organized, improve collaboration, prioritize and tasks, and continually monitor what gets done within your team. Manage tasks per location or per company. The limits are endless for maximum staff productivity!

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Learn More About ShiftForce's Task Management

Tasks and Checklists

Create one-time tasks, projects, and daily checklists. Customize ShiftForce's task management to meet your operational needs. Whatever your team needs to stay productive, we're here to help.

- Create checklists for one person or multiple.
- Upload pictures or documents to keep track of important information.
- Increase employee accountability.
- Create tasks and checklists from anywhere, anytime.

Task Management for Your Staff

The ultimate workforce management solution to keep your business on track.


Company Tasks

Assign tasks per region, division, concept, access role, or position. However your company creates tasks, ShiftForce can help.


Location Tasks

Different locations have different tasks. Set your specific location tasks and assign them to the right people.



Build daily or weekly checklists to meet your operational needs.


Event Calendar

Plan and schedule events to keep everyone aligned throughout your team.

Monitor Progress

See progress and reports on all assigned tasks per location or company-wide.

Task Management App

Access your tasks on any device. ShiftForce works where YOU work.

See how you can reduce labor costs, improve team communication, and streamline operations, today!

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The World's Most Streamlined Task Management Solution

Optimize your workforce with tasks at all levels.

Spend less time on employee scheduling and more time growing your business. Schedule anywhere, anytime, for anyone with employee schedule templates, shift planning tools, and auto-scheduler.

Increase employee accountability, reduce employee no-shows, and reduce scheduling conflicts. See and send updates in real-time and never have employees asking when they work again.

Manage schedule changes with ease. Keep track of time-off requests and shift changes with the click of a button. Approve anytime and anywhere from a manager to keep everyone on the same page.

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